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*Tuesdays-Thursdays, February 27 through March 7.

*Add Fridays-Sundays, beginning March 15.

*All rehearsals are 7-11pm at Art Factory (1125 Providence St., Houston, TX 77002).



*March 30 - April 4

*Call Times TBD



*April 5-21

*Fridays and Saturdays: 8pm Curtain

*Sundays: 5pm Curtain


Pick Up:

*April 11




*Please email with the subject line, “Ruthless Audition.” 


*Attach a current copy of your headshot and resumé.


*Attach a video of yourself performing a musical theatre song (at least a verse and chorus). You may use an accompaniment track or accompany yourself. No a cappella please.


*Submissions are due by midnight on February 22, 2024.




*SYLVIA ST. CROIX – A stylish woman of a certain age whose histrionic flair secures her a place alongside Mama Rose, Dolly Levi, and Mame as the fourth head carved into the Mount Rushmore of Theatrical Dames. A no-nonsense manager whose specialty is discovering, signing, and guiding the careers of extraordinarily talented children. (Soprano or Drag Performer/Baritone to Play 50’s)

*JUDY DENMARK – A devoted wife and mother who floats effortlessly through life with a smile, whether doing housework, doting on her daughter, or taking a time-out to bake a cake. Though a woman with opinions on everything from how best to raise her child to preparing a well-balanced meal, she automatically defers to those around her, the result of her hallmark virtue: consummate politeness. (Soprano with Mix/Belt capabilities to play late 20’s/early 30’s)

*TINA DENMARK – An adorable and alarmingly talented little girl who sings and dances as though she were born to entertain. When not “on stage,” she’s charming, courteous and, unlike most eight-year- olds, she knows exactly what she wants to be before she grows up...a big-time Broadway star! (Belter to play 9 years old)

*MISS THORN – She’s convinced herself, after years of failing to make it as an actress in New York, that true fulfillment could be found not only in front of an audience, but in front of a classroom. Returning to her hometown to become a third-grade teacher, she takes a strictly professional approach to putting on the annual school show. (Belt Mezzo to play 40’s+)

*LOUISE LERMAN – An ordinary fourth-grader who likes jumping rope and eating lunch. (Belter to play 9 years old - Doubles as EVE)

*LITA ENCORE – A boozy theatre critic who cracks wise, laughs at her own jokes, and can write a review so scathing she can close a Broadway musical in less than two paragraphs. She’s a loving and compassionate mother to Judy, whom she adopted and raised as her own child, but can’t resist making inappropriate jokes when engaged in a heart-to-heart talk with her, all in good fun, of course. (Belt Alto to play 60’s+)

*EVE – An assistant to a Broadway star, her behavior cycles from professional to erratic to downright bizarre. One minute she’s fiercely loyal, the next she’s imitating the star’s every move, clearly wanting to be her, not work for her. Her slipping into foreign accents would suggest she marches not to a different drummer, but to an entire drum corp. (Belter to play 20’s - Doubles as LOUISE LERMAN)


Director/Choreographer - Luke J. Hamilton

Stage Manager - Ashley Frye

Production Designer - Colton Berry




Submissions accepted year-round!


To submit, please email with the subject line, “2024 Audition.” 


Attach a current copy of your headshot and resumé.


Attach a video of yourself performing the following combinations of audition materials:


For the entire Season of plays and musicals:

  1. At least a full verse and chorus of a musical theatre song. You may use an accompaniment track or accompany yourself. No a cappella please.

  2. A 1-minute monologue from a play published after 1940.


For musicals only:

  1. TWO contrasting musical theatre songs (at least a verse and chorus of each). You may use an accompaniment track or accompany yourself. No a cappella please.


For plays only:

  1. TWO contrasting 1-minute, monologues from plays published after 1940.


Audition videos can be in .mov, .wav, or .mp4 formats, or you may provide a private link via YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


All performers must be 18+. Auditions for youth will be scheduled separately, when applicable.


Audition videos will be viewed by Founding Artistic Director Colton Berry and Founding Executive Director Luke Hamilton.


VIRTUAL AUDITIONS ARE ACCEPTED YEAR-ROUND. Please be advised that in-person, open auditions and callbacks are held for each project approximately two (2) months prior to Opening Night. Video submissions must be received at least seven (7) days prior to this period in order to receive an invitation to an in-person callback for a specific production.

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